WYKPSA Circular 62

90/95th School Anniversaries Celebration – “Heritage Plus” Our Ice Hockey Team Won the Bronze Medals of Inter-school Ice Hockey Championships (Grade A) WYK Grass Football Pitch Redevelopment Project Report on. read more…

WYKPSA Circular 61

Message from the Chairman WYKPSA Executive Committee 2014-2015 Football Interest Group – Coming Function Old Boy’s Choir How I Learned English in Wah Yan College Kowloon 喜樂人生同學會 Alumni News: Fund-raising. read more…

WYKPSA Circular 58

WYK Cufflinks Available For Sale Now! Heritage Tour to Former Lai Chi Kok Hospital Annual General Meeting 耶穌會教育 Circular (Issue 58)

WYKPSA Circular 57

95th / 90th School Anniversaries Celebration Fundraising Campaign Career-related Experiences: Non-paid Job Shadowing / Attachment Positions 耶穌會教育 Heritage Tour to Former Lai Chi Kok Hospital Circular (Issue 57)

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