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Wah Yan One FamilyWYKPSATranscending 100 – World Record Creation @ Wah Yan

Monday, October 19th, 2020

—in face of group gathering restrictions and uncertainties, we would like to postpone the Event originally scheduled on 31 October 2020 until late 2021—   Dear Alumni, Parents, Teachers, Staff Members, Students and Friends of Wah Yan, First and foremost, may we wish you good health and please stay vigilant amidst the pandemic spread. We […]

Wah Yan One FamilyTranscending 100 – World Record Creation @ Wah Yan

Thursday, July 16th, 2020

Dear Wahyanites and Friends, We call upon you to create a WORLD RECORD for WAH YAN and support 10,000 beloved elderlies together! With a view to commemorating the 100th / 95th anniversaries of Wah Yan Colleges, Hong Kong and Kowloon, by living out our spirit of being “Men for and with Others”, Wah Yan One […]

Wah Yan One FamilyWYK華仁書院穿越百年同步立新慶祝系列

Sunday, July 7th, 2019

各位華仁師兄弟: 大家好! 相信各位都知道華仁「穿越百年 同步立新」晚宴將於12月1號假香港會議展覽中心舉行,是次活動由周神父,蘇校長和鍾校長領導的籌委會連同一眾兩華師兄弟舉辦,相信活動必定在華仁史上有一個重要位置! 是次晚宴聚會的晚宴費用由與會師兄弟各自承擔,但當中涉及的製作費用是需要籌款來支持的。籌款目標為500萬,當中包括神父、校長、老師及退休老師晚宴的費用,亦包括兩個大型晚宴廳及酒會場地的所有製作費用,更包括晚宴紀念品及具記念性的場刊等等。 港華創校剛好100年,九華創校亦至95年,當中耶穌會春風化雨培育一代又一代的社會棟樑,歷年傑出校友多不勝數,成為香港各階層代表人物更是多如恆沙,當中當然有很多師兄願意支持是次晚宴;但學校與籌委會更希望能夠發揮華仁精神,合眾人之力來完成目標。 所以晚宴籌款小組特別安排一個立體的「穿越百年圖」來彰顯兩華師兄弟們萬眾一心。這個「穿越百年圖」是一個木製成品,約1.5米高,做出「100」的立體效果;當中會安排很多小名牌,記載着每一位願意捐助晚宴的師兄弟名字,還附設空間可放一段約40英文宇或20中文字自訂的祝福語句。 更特別是籌委會將會安排一張「晚宴合照」,屆時會邀請一眾於「穿越百年圖」上留名的捐款人與眾神父,校長及全體籌委會委員合照。這張合照無容置疑將會成為華仁歷史上其中一張極珍貴大合照! 籌款小組目標是有最少100位師兄弟,每人捐助港幣一萬圓或以上,期望為晚宴達到單項籌款超過港幣100萬圓。 期盼得到大家大力支持,請聯絡Collin Wong 5190-2495 (WYHK 02) 或 Vincent Li (WYK 96) 9477-4792 令華仁「穿越百年 同步立新」晚宴成為校慶矚目盛事! 華仁「穿越百年 同步立新」晚宴籌委會籌款小組 截至昨日認捐名單(每位$10,000): 1. 蘇英麟校長 Dr. SO Ying Lun (WYHK 77) 2. 鄧國康先生 Mr. Peter TANG (WYHK 78), WYHKPSA President 3. 吳惠國先生 Mr. WU Wai Kwok (WYHK 78) 4. 鄭偉雄先生 Mr. Willie CHENG […]

VolunteerWah Yan One FamilyRecruitment of Volunteer English Tutors for TSW On-site English Tutorial Program

Friday, January 11th, 2019

In the past four years since establishment in 2015, our free on-site English tutorial program has expanded progressively, and currently serves six secondary schools in Tin Shui Wai and six in Kwai Chung. Over 1200 under-privileged students have benefited from our service, and some 60 alumni have been recruited to help out, mainly through the support of the […]

VolunteerWah Yan One FamilyEnglish and Chinese Tutors Wanted for TSW Project

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

Thanks to the support of both WYPSAs and your alumni, our free English tutorial project in TSW has progressed well and coming Feb. 2018, we shall start our 7th intake of under-privileged students in TSW and 2nd intake of ethnic minority students in Tuen Mun for our onsite tutorial program. We are now recruiting new […]

MusicWah Yan One FamilySona Ceolchoirm: Fr Deignan’s 90th Birthday Celebration Concert

Friday, September 29th, 2017

Having turned 90 this March, Father Deignan has tirelessly served Hong Kong, Wah Yan and Ricci HKU with his apostolic care beyond stems and branches, ever since arriving Hong Kong in 1953. A concert will be organised for Fr Deignan by the Wah Yan One Family Foundation. Details of the concert are as follows: Date: […]

MarathonWah Yan One FamilyWah Yan One Family Marathon Team 2018

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

Please find the appeal letter of Marathon 2018 from the Wah Yan One Family Foundation. Due to the immense competition, this year the One Family Marathon team got only 100 group enrollment places in the Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong Marathon 2018. If you would like to join the One Family marathon team, please follow […]

VolunteerWah Yan One Family5th Intake of Tutors for Tin Shui Wai English Tutorial Project

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

Tin Shui Wai English Tutorial Project will start 6th and 2nd intake of under-privileged students for onsite and online tutorials in October 2017. The Project needs your help to join as tutors. Since the Project has two programs, the onsite and online tutorials, alumni can either go to TSW to teach general English or stay in the comfort of their home to teach […]

VolunteerWah Yan One Family4th Intake of Recruitment of Tutors for Tin Shui Wai English Tutorial Project

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

Tin Shui Wai English Tutorial Project is a project initiated by Class 1971 WYHK in 2015. The project aims at providing a free English tutorial service to the teenagers in Form 2 to 4 whose parents are receiving public assistance in Tin Shui Wai. From Sep 2016, the project became an initiative of Wah Yan One […]

MusicWah Yan One FamilyVoice of Wah Yan 華仁好聲音

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

親愛的華仁校友,同學,教職員,家長及華仁之友 : 截至今日,Voice of Wah Yan (“華仁好聲音”) 已經收到14隊組合報名參賽,其中不乏音樂造詣極高的校友、同學、家長及華仁之友。經過嚴謹的初賽遴選,決賽8強業已順利產生,其中校監,兩華校長,老師及神父都會粉墨登場,陣容鼎盛,競爭激烈可期。 Voice of Wah Yan “華仁好聲音” : 2017年1月15日 (星期日) 晚上7點開始 地點: 香港華仁書院禮堂 嘉賓評判: 彭建新先生, 張漢傑校友 (WYK70), 羅明正老師 (香港華仁書院音樂科主任), 陳家曦老師 (九龍華仁書院音樂科主任,WYK98), 陳詠謙校友 (WYK03) 演出: 司儀•林祖輝 (WYK83); 特別嘉賓•彭建新先生, 張漢傑校友 (WYK70), B.Gs 決賽當晚,更特別邀請到彭建新先生及女子組合B.Gs擔任表演嘉賓,校友唱作人陳詠謙出任評判之一,齊集整個華仁社群成員,共冶一起,為支持在校的華仁仔,在全人發展上一起發聲。基金會舉辦 “華仁好聲音”,旨在為兩華學生籌款,繼續支持小班教學及學生發展活動項目,亦希望能夠提供一個年度的演出機會,讓他們能夠在舞台上一展藝術音樂天份,與校友、同學、老師等加強互動合作,提升正面能量,達至德育雙修。 基金會謹此再次呼籲,各位透過捐款及購票入場,支持在校的華仁仔,積極參與全人發展活動,尋找自己的路徑,為自己、為華仁、為將來繼續發出更多好聲音! 門票每張港幣$300及$500,兩所華仁師生及員工每位港幣$100,先到先得,售完即止。查詢請電: 2336 3688 或瀏覽: 華仁一家基金會上

MarathonWah Yan One FamilyMarathon 2017: First Clinic

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

This is the 10th time we take part in the Marathon, with a view to gathering runners and donations to support the continuous development of our students at the two Wah Yan Colleges, Hong Kong and Kowloon. Our goal is to raise $1 million through this campaign. Unfortunately, we have only received around $120,000 thus […]

Wah Yan One Family90/95th Anniversaries Concert DVD

Thursday, February 25th, 2016

A limited edition DVD plus photo album of the Homecoming Concert (1,000 pieces only) is ready now as memorabilia of the precious and happy moments of the event. It is available for a donation of HK$350 each or above. Whether you attended or missed the Concert, it is the best way to remember and share […]