—in face of group gathering restrictions and uncertainties, we would like to postpone the Event originally scheduled on 31 October 2020 until late 2021—


Dear Alumni, Parents, Teachers, Staff Members, Students and Friends of Wah Yan,

First and foremost, may we wish you good health and please stay vigilant amidst the pandemic spread. We are pleased to report to you that we have received donations from many of you, though the amount is still far from our target; and that the scarfs and fortune bags for our beloved elderlies are ready for delivery. We also completed a mockup measurement onsite in July.

As we near the Event Day, the prohibition on group gatherings is still in force rendering mass gathering impracticable. Recently, we were advised by the Official Body of the World Record to postpone the Event given an uncertain public health condition in Hong Kong. Some caring alumni and friends also inquired about the safety measure of the Event.

The health and safety of our people matters most, and in face of these restrictions and uncertainties, we would like to postpone the Event originally scheduled on 31 October 2020 until late 2021, when hopefully the pandemic spread has ceased or is under control. We will keep in view the development of the public health situation and make swift adjustment accordingly. We also want to assure you that we will NOT cancel the Event because it is the only way we can raise fund to support the ongoing initiatives in the Schools and serve our beloved elderlies in need.

We have been head over heel seeking funding to settle the production costs of the Event (e.g. scarfs, fortune bags and gifts for our elderlies). And we will appropriate $10 million again to the Schools to support small class teaching and whole person development programmes for our pupils in a year’s time. After that our reserve will be extremely low, and we will be unable to sustain these meaningful initiatives in 2022 if we fail to gather sufficient funding through this Event and other upcoming initiatives.

Therefore, we would like to call upon you to advance your support for the World Record Creation Event by sending your donations together with the form overleaf. Every dollar counts now and we will do our best to sort out the new date and keep you promptly posted. We will come back stronger with more people and fun, making it a highlight transcending our centenary anniversary. Please call Monty Fong (9321 6011) or Stephen Lam (9687 0116) for enquiries. Stay safe and please help us walk the walk for the continued development of Wah Yan. Again thank you very much for your unfailing support.

With great gratitude and very best wishes,
The Organizing Committee, World Record Creation @ Wah Yan

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