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WYKPSA Newsletter (Special Edition)

Dear Wahyanites, Please check out this special issue of the WYKPSA Newsletter, comprising content authored by the editorial team from the previous term of WYKPSA. Since some of the stories were pending interviewees’ approval until recent times, this special issue is now ready for your reading. Heartfelt appreciation goes to the EXCO members of WYKPSA 2022-2023 for compiling the stories.

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WYKPSA Newsletter Feb 2022

WYKPSA Newsletter Editorial Board: This is the third of four issues of the WYKPSA Newsletter. Interview with the Wah Yan’s New Supervisor Fr. Clement Tsui Interview with Mr. Norman So Wah Yan International Alumni Chapters’s Contact Information WYK Christmas Celebration Wah Yan 100+ Music Festival WYKPSA Book of the Year And more…

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WYKPSA Newsletter Nov 2021

WYKPSA Newsletter Editorial Board: This is the second of four issues of the WYKPSA Newsletter. Interview with Calvin Wong (09) Funeral for Wah Yan’s beloved Rev. Fr. Seán Coghlan, S. J. (1933-2021) Funeral for Henry Yuen (94) Memorial Football Match for Henry Yuen Speech Day 2021 2021 Hong Kong Hymnos Festival Wah Yan League (league table) Father Naylor Movie Project Ideas Sharing Thank you for your kind attention. WYKPSA Newsletter November21Download

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WYKSA Newsletter Aug 2021

WYKPSA Newsletter Editorial Board:This is the first of four issues of the WYKPSA Newsletter. A Word from the Chairman Interview with retired school janitor Fun Jeh and altar server Mr. Wan Resumption of Wah Yan League A gift to Student Ambassadors WYK Boys’ Choir featuring in the 2021 HK Hymnos Festival Fr. Clement Tsui named the new Supervisor of both Wah Yans Message from Wah Yan One Family Foundation The next one is scheduled for 24 November 2021.Thank you for … Continue reading “WYKSA Newsletter Aug 2021”