16th Wah Yan League Cup Football Tournament – Enrollment

The 16th Wah Yan League Cup Football Tournament which will be held on the NEW grass football pitch.

Details of the Tournament and the enrollment form can be downloaded as below links. The enrollment deadline will be on 19 December 2014 (Friday) and the Team Captains’ Meeting will be held on 20 December 2014 (Sat) 3:00pm.

Please feel free to contact the Tournament coordinators, Chiwi LAI, at 9862-4109 or John LEUNG, at 9194-0644.

Cover letter | Enrollment form


Join the Anniversary Gratitude Dinner

Enrollment and Advertisement form


Happy Hour for the Finance Interest Group

In order to provide more interaction among Wahyanites, the Finance Interest Group is going to organize a happy hour gathering in this week.

The details of the “Happy Hour” are set as below:

Date: 3 December 2014 (This Wednesday)
Time: 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Venue: Grappa’s Cellar, Jardine House

Please reply to anthony.c@hotmail.com.hk if you can join the function or feel free to drop by on 3 December 2014.


WYKPSA Circular 66

  • Wah Yan Gratitude Dinner
  • Anniversary Walkathon
  • Anniversary FunDay
  • WYK Football Pitch Booking
  • Wah Yan International Conference
  • Jesuit Education Forum
  • Speech Day
  • Caritas Bazaar
  • WYKPSA Football League
  • Legal Interest Group Lunch Gathering in Central
  • Photography Interest Group

Circular (Issue 66)


Legal Interest Group – Lunch Gathering in Central

WYKPSA will organize a lunch gathering in Central with alumni working/ studying in legal-related area, details of which are as follows:

Date: 27 November 2014 (Thursday)
Time: 12:45 pm – 2:00 pm (you may come late or leave earlier)
Venue: Lingnan Club, 13/F, On Lok Yuen Building, 25 Des Voeux Road, Central (just next to World-wide House)
Costs: HK$300 per head (HK$150 for students)

If you consider yourself to belong to any of the following categories, you are welcome to join:

  1. Solicitors
  2. Barristers
  3. Judges
  4. Arbitrators
  5. Alumni working in legal departments of companies or responsible for compliance matters
  6. Lawmakers
  7. Legal Academics
  8. Alumni working in government or regulatory authorities who handle compliance or legal enforcement matters (e.g. HKMA, ICAC, SEHK, SFC, etc.)
  9. Company Secretaries
  10. Notaries
  11. Attorneys
  12. Legal Journalists
  13. Alumni working in law books publishers
  14. Alumni working in institutions offering legal trainings or continuing professional development
  15. Alumni working in institutions operating legal-related websites or other online resources
  16. Alumni working in legal-related professional organizations
  17. Alumni working in courts or tribunals
  18. Mediators
  19. Police
  20. Liquidators
  21. Law Students (whether major or minor or multiple or postgraduates degrees)
  22. Last but not the least, any alumnus who considers himself to work in legal-related area.

If you are interested to join, please send an email to wahyanpsa@gmail.com or Frederick.hui@dlapiper.com. For enquiries, please contact Frederick Hui at 2103 0651. We look forward to seeing you there! Please help circulating this message to your peers and colleagues!


Appeal to Support Marathon 2015

We are very pleased to inform you that a 160-runner team has been formed to take part in the 10km Run of the Marathon 2015 Campaign. Unfortunately, the amount of donations gathered is very low (only around $100,000 was received thus far). Over the years, the revenues from this Campaign (approx. $6 million or $1 million each year) had been donated to support the continuous development of sport in the two Wah Yan.

If we fail to gather sufficient funding this year, we will not be able to support the ongoing training and coaching provided to young Wahyanites at the Schools. Their continuous development in physique and mental strength will be seriously affected. It is an urgent and important cause to be considered. Therefore, we would like to appeal to you to support this Campaign by making donations now!

In addition, the first training clinic will be held this Saturday, 22 November 2014, at 2:30pm at the Students’ Activities Centre, Wah Yan College, Kowloon. Guest speakers from adidas Hong Kong will deliver interesting tips on running and body exercises. We would like to invite you and your fellow alumni to go back to the School to see how our boys are fighting for their future.  Your presence will mean a lot to these dedicated runners because they are committed to run “For and with Others”. They need your encouragement and support.

Please distribute/share the letter enclosed with your Members to gather their support.  Should you need more information please call Monty Fong on 9092 9433. Thank you very much.

Appeal letter | Entry form | WYOFF Marathon 2015



由九龍華仁書院舊生會舉辦的「舊生會足球邀請賽2014」舉行在即, 詳情如下:

日期: 2014年11月8日星期六
時間: 下午一時至五時半
地點: 學校彷真草足球場
形式: 11人 – 五隊單循環
參賽隊伍: 因場地限制, 今次除WYKPSA Football Interest Group (“FIG”) 自組1隊外, 只能邀請了另外四隊參賽, 包括: Class 78-80聯隊, 82′, 88′ 及 92′ (如有機會. 日後將再邀請其他屆數參賽, 見諒!)

個別校友如想參加以上賽事, 可報名參加FIG隊 (FIG亦會定時舉辦其它友賽), 如人數太多, 則先到先得, 每位收費HK$100 (所有參賽費收入, 減除開支, 將全數捐贈學校作草場日後維修之用).

有興趣參加FIG的校友 (包括未能參予以上8/11/2014賽事, 但希望日後能參予FIG其它足球賽者), 請連同以下資料電郵 wykpsafig@gmail.com

  • 英文姓名
  • 中五/中六畢業年份(或最後離校級別及年份)
  • 手提電話號碼
  • 電郵地址



Message from Rev Fr Stephen Chow – A Big Thank You!

My dear Wahyanites, Colleagues, Parents, and Friends of Wah Yan,

What a marvelous Walkathon! I believe most, if not all, of the participants at the Mass and the Walkathon cum Fun Fair yesterday have enjoyed tremendously of the different funs and re-connections. I have alumni and friends coming up to me telling me how impressed they were by all the good arrangements and attention that have put in the day – the Mass, the Walk, and the Fun Fair!

It is undoubtedly a family celebration that confirms the spirit of Unity in Diversity of Wah Yan and the Jesuit. We can come together from a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives and concerns, even with different stances regarding HK today, and to put our hearts in the one mission, i.e., to help create a happier society and a wholesome world by providing quality whole-person Jesuit education to our current and future ‘Men-For-and-With-Others’!

Thank God for the great weather and for all of you, especially the Organizing Committee of the Walkathon cum Fun Fair, the Liturgical Committee, and all the selfless supporting units, who have contributed in varying degrees for the fruitfulness of the day!

Fr. Chow


Caritas Bazaar 2014 – Souvenirs Ordering

The Caritas Bazaar 2014 will be held on 9 November 2014 (Sunday) at Fa Hui Park (花墟公園). Souvenirs are designed by our students’ organizing committee, attached please find the souvenirs ordering form for alumni.

Souvenirs ordering form


Announcement of the Alumni School Manager Election

The election nomination of the WYK Alumni School Manager Election for the term of 2014-2016 ended on 10 October 2014. The Election Committee had received 2 election registrations by Mr. Tom Ho (1981 Graduate) and Mr. Richard Leung (1979 Graduate) separately.

The Honorary President of Wah Yan College Kowloon Past Students’ Association (the “WYKPSA”), Mr Warren Chung, and both candidates were invited to join a meeting held by the Election Committee on 16 October 2014 after the Election Committee had completed the verification process. At the meeting, it was unanimously agreed that Mr. Tom Ho had obtained 66 valid nominations and Mr. Richard Leung had obtained 26 valid nominations.

According to the Election Guidelines, an alumnus shall obtain not less than 30 valid nominations from the alumni of Wah Yan College Kowloon in order to be eligible to run for the position of Alumni School Manager. As a result, the Election Committee now declares that Mr. Tom Ho is the ONLY eligible candidate to run for the position of Alumni School Manager. Further information of the election arrangement would be announced as soon as possible.

The Election Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support in the Alumni School Manager Election 2014.

Election Committee 2014
Wah Yan College, Kowloon Past Students’ Association


Message from Rev Fr Stephen Chow – Join in Our Walkathon

Dear Wahyanites, Colleagues, Parents and Friends of the Wah Yan Community,

Join in Our Walkathon

We are celebrating the 90th and 95th Anniversaries of Wah Yan College, Kowloon and Wah Yan College, Hong Kong with the inaugural events of Thanksgiving Mass and the Walkathon cum Fun Fair on the 26th October, this coming Sunday. Our Walkathon is not only an anniversary event, but also a fundraising event for supporting Small Class Teaching and the sustainable development of the two Wah Yan’s. We need you to join in!

Wahyanites, colleagues, parents, and friends of Wah Yan please come out en masse, showing your passion in endowing a promising future for Wah Yan. Join in our Walkathon; join in our family event. Needless to say, your positive energy and presence are crucial at the start of our celebration to create a momentum for the other events.

We need your loving support for the success of our celebration. And perhaps our beloved city could be refreshed with the great Jesuit and Wah Yan tradition of Unity in Diversity!

I am looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible on the 26th October!

With love and prayers,

Fr. Stephen Chow, S.J.
Fr. Supervisor of Wah Yan College



WYKPSA Circular 65

  • Walk with Wahyanites
  • Wah Yan Gratitude Dinner 2014
  • Blessing Ceremony of the Grass Football Pitch
  • Birthday Party for Jesuit Fathers
  • Class Reunion (1975, 1979)
  • Caritas Bazaar 2014
  • Updates form the School Athletic Team
  • Updates from the Interest Groups of WYKPSA

Circular (Issue 65)