Result of Election of WYK Incoporated Management Committee Alumni Manager

Up to 9 July 2016, only one valid registration for WYK Alumni Manager election 2016, which is filed by Mr. Ho Siu Tong Tom (1981 F.5 graduate), has been received by the Election Committee of WYKPSA.

According to the election regulation, in the event that there is only one eligible candidate to run for the election, that candidate will be automatically elected as Alumni Manager. The election result has been formally endorsed by the WYKPSA Executive Committee during the ordinary meeting on 11 August 2016.

In light of the above, Mr. Ho Siu Tong Tom has been automatically elected as the alumni manager with the term commencing from 1 September 2016.


Tutor Recruitment for Tin Shui Wai English Tutorial Project

Tin Shui Wai English Tutorial Project is a project initiated by Class 1971 WYHK in early 2015. The project aims at providing a free English tutorial service to the teenagers in Form 2 to 4 whose parents are receiving public assistance in Tin Shui Wai. Three phases have been commenced since the project launched, with nearly 300 under-privileged students attended English tutorial classes for a duration of 8 to 10 weeks. The fourth phase will start in Sep/Oct 2016. The Project is expanding to cover even more needy students, which needs you and your family members to participate as volunteers.

For any enquiry, please contact Daniel Mak (1971 WYHK) at or Whatsapp/call 6707 9653. Further information about the project, enrollment form, Q&A, and recommendations from Fathers and WY Principals can be found on the project web site.

Tin Shui Wai English Tutorial Project


Sportsmen’s Reunion Dinner 2016

WYK puts a high premium on sports development for students. In 2015-2016, WYK has enjoyed one of her most fruitful years in sport excellence. In order to gather and strengthen the bonding among current and past sportsmen, the Sports Committee of WYK is going to organize a Sportsmen’s Reunion Dinner in July. The details are as follows:

Date: 9th July, 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 19:00 – 21:00 (Admission starts at 18:30)
Venue: School Hall
Fee: HK$300 per head (HK$100 for Full-time Students)
Online register:

The School Principal and Sport Master will give reports on the current status of School teams during the dinner. Meanwhile, the Sustainable Development Scheme for Sports Teams will also be introduced together with sharing sessions from the past and current Sportsmen.

Attached please find the notice and reply slip for the reunion dinner. Online registration is also available.

For inquires, please contact the Sport Master, Mr Tse Chun Ming at (852) 6128-0445 or at We look forward to seeing you on 9 July 2016!

Cover letter and reply slip


Election of Alumni Manager of WYK Incorporated Management Committee


The members of the Incorporated Management Committee of Wah Yan College Kowloon (the “WYKIMC”) comprise, inter alia, a representative of the alumni (the “Alumni Manager”). As resolved by the WYKIMC, Wah Yan College Kowloon Past Students’ Association (the “Association”) has been recognized as the alumni association for the purpose of nominating alumni manager. Pursuant to the resolutions passed at the Annual General Meeting 2010 of the Association, the Alumni Manager shall be elected based on the principle of universal suffrage.


The term of the new Alumni Manager shall commence on no later than 1 September, 2016 and the election will be held on 13 August 2016. The election arrangement will be announced in due course.

Voter registration

If you wish to vote at the Election OR run for the position of Alumni Manager OR nominate a candidate at the Election, you shall register as a voter first. In order to be eligible to register as a voter, the following requirements must be satisfied:

  1. you shall be an alumnus of Wah Yan College Kowloon, which means that you have attended class in Wah Yan College Kowloon; and
  2. you are over 18 years old on the date of submitting your voter registration form to the Election Committee.

If you intend to nominate a candidate OR run for the position of Alumni Manager, you must also register as a voter first.

To register as a voter, please complete the attached voter registration form and return the original of the same to the Election Committee on or before 8 July 2016:

Wah Yan College Kowloon, 56 Waterloo Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
(Attention: Election Manager, Alumni Manager Election 2016)

In order to ensure that the Election Committee (“Committee”) can duly receive the voter registration form, you are suggested to send a copy of the same by email to the Committee at after you have sent the original of the voter registration form to the above address. The Committee will confirm your registration by email within 5 days after receipt of the original of your voter registration form. In order to avoid any accidental non-delivery of the voter registration form due to any reason whatsoever, we recommend you to deliver the voter registration form to the above address as early as possible.

If you have already registered as a voter during the alumni manager election in the past, you are NOT required to register again and you are automatically eligible to vote at the forthcoming election.

If you have already registered as a voter during the alumni manager election in the past but would like to amend your personal particulars, please also fill in the voter registration form and deliver the same to the above address.

Each alumnus who has duly registered as a voter may nominate and vote ONE candidate ONLY to run for the Alumni Manager.

Election Registration

In order to be eligible to run for the position of Alumni Manager, the following requirements must be satisfied:

  1. you shall be an alumnus of Wah Yan College Kowloon, which means that you have attended class in Wah Yan College Kowloon; and
  2. you are over 18 years old on the date of submitting your election registration form to the Election Committee; and
  3. you have submitted your voter registration form; and
  4. you are not a current teaching staff of Wah Yan College, Kowloon; and
  5. you have already obtained not less than 30 valid nominations from the alumni of Wah Yan College Kowloon who have registered as voter and those alumni were graduated from not less than 5 different academic years

To run for the position of Alumni Manager, please complete the attached election registration Form and return the original of the same with the valid nominations to the Election Committee on or before 8 July 2016:

Wah Yan College Kowloon, 56 Waterloo Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
(Attention: Election Manager, Alumni Manager Election 2016)

Further information regarding the Election will be announced in due course on the website of Wah Yan College Kowloon Past Students’ Association at Further updated news regarding the election will also be announced on the website from time to time.

For any enquiries, please feel free to contact us by email at

Election Committee 2016
Wah Yan College Kowloon Past Students’ Association Ltd

Introduction to the Alumni Manager Election | Voter registration form | Candidate form


46th Annual General Meeting & Annual Dinner

The 46th Annual General Meeting (AGM) & Annual Dinner of WYKPSA will be held on 28 May 2016 (Saturdayand the details are as follows:

Date: 28 May 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 6:00 p.m. (AGM) / 7:30 p.m. (Annual Dinner)
Venue: School Hall, Wah Yan College, Kowloon
Address: 56 Waterloo Road, Kowloon 九龍窩打老道56號

Please find (i) the Notice of Annual General Meeting, (ii) the Reply Slip and (iii) the Executive Committee Member Nomination Form below for your further action.

Please mark your diary and we look forward to seeing you there!

The annual report and the financial statements of WYKPSA will be available on the website of WYKPSA at in due course.

Notice of AGM | Reply slip | Nomination form


WYKPSA Circular (2015-16 Vol.3)

  • Message from the Chairman
  • Inter School Athletic Competition
  • Birthday Celebration for Jesuit Fathers
  • Guided Trip to Tung Ping Chau
  • Wah Yan One Family Foundation – Standard Chartered Marathon 2016
  • DVD and Photo Album of 90th/95th Anniversaries Homecoming Concert 2015
  • 17th Wah Yan League Football Tournament (2015 – 2016)
  • Photos of PSA activities
  • WYK Old Boys Performance
  • WYKPSA Legal Fraternity
  • WYKPSA Sharing Session on F.1 Admission

Circular (2015-16 Vol.3)


Guided Trip to Tung Ping Chau 東平洲地質公園環島遊

WYKPSA - Tung Ping Chau

A guided trip to Tung Ping Chau will be organised by the Past Students’ Association of Wah Yan College, details of which are as follows:

Date: 17 April 2016 (Sunday)
Distination: Tung Ping Chau 東平洲
Meeting time: 8:30
Meeting point: Exit B, University Station 港鐵大學站B出口
Dismissing time: 17:30
Dismissing point: Ma Liu Shui Pier 馬料水公眾碼頭
Instructor: Prof. Chan Lung Sang 陳龍生教授 (WYK ’72)
College Principal and Deputy Director of HKU SPACE
Professor in the Department of Earth Sciences, HKU
Quota: Maximum 100 participants (first come, first serve)
Fee: $150 per adult / $100 per student or child – to be collected at the pier.


  1. Chartered boat to Tung Ping Chau
  2. A guided hiking trip in Tung Ping Chau
  3. Return to Ma Liu Shui Pier

Your family members and friends are also welcome to join this trip. Please bring your own lunch and drink, and be prepared for a 2-hours leisurely walk.

For inquires or registration, please email us at on or before 10 April 2016 (Sunday) and provide the following details:

  1. The number of adult / student or child participants,
  2. The year of your graduation,
  3. The full names of ALL participants,
  4. The contact details of ALL participants (i.e., mobile phone numbers and email addresses)

More info about Tung Ping Chau & Prof. Chan Lung Sang


Birthday Lunch for Jesuit Fathers

A birthday lunch will be held for our beloved Jesuit Fathers, whose birthdays fall between December and July. Fr. Alfred J. Deignan, Fr. Stephen Chow, Fr. John Russell, Fr. Sean Coghlan, Fr. William Lo and Fr. John Tang have accepted our invitation to join the party and in fact, we are still in touch with the other Fathers to join as well. We are pleased to invite you to join us:

Date: 2nd April, 2016 (Sat)
Time: 12:00 noon Reception
12:30 p.m. Lunch
Venue: WYK School Hall
Charge: HK$350.00 per person
HK$180.00 for full-time student (including undergraduate student)

Kindly inform either for the undersigned or the following person if you can attend this function.

Victor Chan (WYK’03)
Tel: 64866037 E-mail:
Benny Poon (WYK’04)
Tel: 94930643 E-mail:

Looking forward to seeing you at the birthday party and let’s celebrate our beloved Jesuit Fathers’ birthdays together!

Reply slip


Update on Tin Shui Wai English Tutorial Project

Daniel Mak (1971 WYHK) recently shared with us the latest update on Tin Shui Wai English Tutorial Project:

Dear Mr. Julian Leung, Chairman of WYHK PSA and Mr. Raymond Chow, Chairman of WYK PSA,


Thanks for inviting me to your board meeting recently and agreeing to become a partner of the Free English Tutorial Project in Tin Shui Wai (TSW) initiated by the Class 1971 WYHK.  I am writing to thank your Assn. for the relentless support and help you have tendered in the past year to make our project a continuous success and to, through you, pay tribute to those alumni and family members who have responded to your appeal for help and to call for even more alumni to come forward to participate in this very meaningful project to help more under-privileged students in TSW.

Up-to-date, we have three intakes of students since March 2015 benefiting together over 300 under-privileged students in eleven different schools. The latest intake started in Feb. 2016 and will end in June. Through publicity and appeal of your Assn., we have been able to recruit in these three intakes sufficient WY alumni volunteer tutors and substitutes who are willing to sacrifice their time and effort to help improve not only the English but, more importantly, the self-image of these under-privileged students. Their families are all receiving public assistance and therefore cannot afford to send their kids to private tutorial classes even if they are promising but are academically behind because of lack of proper guidance and support at home.

Read the rest of this entry »


Marathon 2016 Appeal letter

Over the years, your generosity had enabled our Schools to provide professional training to help students pursue new heights in different sports, through continuous participation and improvement. Gradually, our sports teams performed well in various inter-school sports tournament, showing good physique, brotherhood, a fighting spirit and sportsmanship. For instance, the athletic teams of both Wah Yan broke several records (the 110-metre Hurdle record in 2015 and again this year, and the High Jump record just now on 19th February!)

To achieve this goal, our Schools need more than $1 million each year to continue the provision of professional coaching and training camps to galvanise young Wahaynites to discover and develop their talents in sport. Unfortunately, we have received just $700,000 from donations thus far. I am therefore appealing to you to support this visionary goal by making further donations.

Please click here or call our team manager Enoch Cheung on 6907 8414 to learn more. We would be very grateful if you could send your gifts using the form overleaf before 31st March 2016. Again thank you for your selfless support for Wah Yan.

Appeal letter


90/95th Anniversaries Concert DVD

9095th Anniversaries Concert DVD Appeal

A limited edition DVD plus photo album of the Homecoming Concert (1,000 pieces only) is ready now as memorabilia of the precious and happy moments of the event. It is available for a donation of HK$350 each or above. Whether you attended or missed the Concert, it is the best way to remember and share how Wahyanites and friends of Wah Yan joined hands to help our Schools. We appeal to you to make your gift now by returning the enclosed reply slip to your School office/ the Foundation together with your cheque by 31st March 2016. If you need further information, please call your Schools or the Foundation on 2336 3188. Thank you very much again for your selfless support for Wah Yan.

Appeal letter and donation form | DVD insert


Sharing Session on Admission

The Past Students’ Association will organise a sharing session in late February for alumni parents who have applied Wah Yan College Kowloon for their sons currently studying in Primary Six. Should you wish to join this session, please email your personal information (i.e., full name and year of F. 5 graduation) and contact details (e.g., mobile phone number) to Dr. Lau Wai Hung at or Mr. Eric Lai at before noon, 25 February. We will contact you shortly.

Thank you for your attention.

F.1 Admission Sub-committee
Wah Yan College Kowloon Past Students’ Association