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Wine Tasting – Beyond Bordeaux 品酒體驗 – 波爾多以外的瑰寶

波爾多出產的紅酒享譽全球,波爾多以外的法國紅酒您又知道幾多? 今次既品酒體驗品酒師將會為您帶黎波爾多(Bordeaux)同埋隆河(Rhone)兩個地區既紅酒,等您由淺入深了解兩個地區既紅酒既特性及風味,探索紅酒既獨特風味及魅力 日期:4月20日時間:下午3點至5點半地點:九龍新蒲崗大有街32號泰力工業中心406室費用:$240 名額有限,先到先得。請立即報名 (電話/whatsapp) :Vincent 6089-1499Jerry 9876-5128

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Dear Wahyanites, A special resolution was duly passed in the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 22 March 2024: “The amended and restated articles of association of Wah Yan College, Kowloon Past Students’ Association Limited (the “Association”), be and is hereby approved and adopted in substitution for and to the exclusion of the existing articles of association of the Association with immediate effect and any member of the executive committee of the Association be and is hereby authorised to do all … Continue reading “NOTICE OF EGM (23 MARCH 2024)”

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Extraordinary General Meeting – 22 March 2024

Dear Wahyanites, As resolved by the executive committee of the Association on 29 February 2024, an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) will be held on 22 March 2024 (Friday) and the details are as follows: Date: 22 MARCH 2024 (Friday) Time: 7:00 pm Venue: Student Activity Centre, Wah Yan College, Kowloon Address: 56 Waterloo Road, Kowloon 九龍窩打老道56號 According to the Article 30, 31& 32 of Articles of Association of WYKPSA, every member shall be entitled to vote by person or by proxy during the General Meeting. The … Continue reading “Extraordinary General Meeting – 22 March 2024”

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[UPDATES] – WYK Centenary Gala Dinner (20 December 2024)

Dear Wahyanites, In view of the overwhelming responses, enrollments already exceeded 100 tables at the early-bird stage – with a sudden surge of enrollments from alumni of different classes over the last two days. Your love for your alma mater is deeply felt! The Centenary Gala Dinner Organising Committee (OC) is exploring ways to accommodate all enrollments received at the early-bird stage. Yet, kindly note that enrollments sent from 29 Feb 2024 onwards (as per postmark) will be put on … Continue reading “[UPDATES] – WYK Centenary Gala Dinner (20 December 2024)”

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WYK Centenary Celebration – Gala Dinner (20 December 2024)

Dear Wahyanites, 2024 is the 100th Anniversary of our alma mater, Wah Yan College, Kowloon. We are pleased to announce the details of the Gala Dinner of WYK Centenary Celebration: Date: 20 December 2024 (Friday) Time: 19:00 Venue: Hopewell Hotel, Wanchai (opening in 2024) Please return the attached enrollment form together with the cheque to The Principal, Wah Yan College Kowloon, 56 Waterloo Road, Kowloon on or before 31st March 2024 (please mark “2024 Gala Dinner” on both the cheque and envelope). You may visit to … Continue reading “WYK Centenary Celebration – Gala Dinner (20 December 2024)”