This is a wonderful opportunity to gather in Wah Yan campus to watch the Total Lunar Eclipse with Wah Yan fellows. The eclipse lasts for several hours, and the estimated schedule is as follows:

Total eclipse of the Moon on Dec 10

State Time Date
Moon enters penumbra 19:32 Dec 10
Moon enters umbra 20:45 Dec 10
Total eclipse begins 22:06 Dec 10
Middle of eclipse 22:32 Dec 10
Total eclipse ends 22:58 Dec 10
Moon leaves umbra 00:18 Dec 11
Moon leaves penumbra 01:32 Dec 11

It would be our honour to invite you and your family to join the event.

We would start the observation and gather at 20:30 or 21:30 and dismiss at 23:30.

If you are interested, please send us your name, class and number of participant esp. children for a confirmation and arrangement

Thanks and wish you a merry Christmas,
Sam Wong (’95) [email protected]
S. Keung [email protected]
Astronomy Interest Group

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