The Student Members’ Committee of WYKPSA (SMC) is going to organize a summer internship program for WYK alumni who are currently studying in university. At present, the SMC has received a lot of requests from our young alumni for placements in summer internship in the area of finance, accountancy, law, IT, environment, science, surveying, and film industry. We cordially invite you to offer such positions to our young alumni.

Should your company be able to offer an internship position to our young alumni in the coming summer, please provide the following information by sending an email to the SMC at [email protected] on or before 31 March, 2014.

Your Name:
Year of graduation from WYK:
Contact phone number:
Contact email address:
Company Name:
Business Nature:
Job nature of the internship position:
(Optional) Other details of the internship, e.g. remuneration (if any)

This program aims to render an opportunity to our young alumni to gain working experiences, and also foster the relationships between young and experienced alumni.

Your contribution is very much appreciated and we look forward to hearing from you.

WYKPSA Circular 43
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