Group : WYKPSA – Football Interest Group
Convenor : Tom Ho 81′
Deputy Convenor : Stanley Cheung 97′, John Leung 08′


  1. to set up a platform for those alumni interested in playing football coming together
  2. to promote the interest of playing football
  3. to arouse the members’ interest in joining other activities organised by WYKPSA
  4. to act as a standby force in helping the developing plan of the School after the redevelopment of the grass football pitch of the School has been completed

Gathering Format


  1. on 11-a-side artificial turf 彷真草
  2. on Friday, Saturday or Sunday night at or after 8:00pm
  3. self-practise gatherings or friendly matches
  4. once every one or two months

Enrollment Method

Interested parties please send an email to [email protected] stating (a) your name, (b) year of graduation (F. 5 if you have taken HKCEE or F. 6 if you have taken DSE or year of leaving school if left before that) and (c) telephone no.


Please contact the convenor of the group at the email above

Student Members' Committee: Summer Internship Scheme
WYKPSA Circular 44