WYK Parents’ Association is going to organise a sharing forum on 23 March 2013 (Saturday) from 4:15pm to 6:30pm at the School Hall with the Secondary 3 – Secondary 5 students and their parents to discuss their concerns on subjects selection when the students are going to the upper forms and the relevant entry requirement and prospect of different career.

In this regard, WYK Parents’ Association would like to invite some alumni with the following backgrounds to attend the forum to share their experiences:

  1. current University students studying in different fields and universities including but not limited to Engineering, Medical, Law, Accounting, Business & Finance, Servicing, Hotel Management and Tourism, Arts, Govt. & Public Administration, Pure science, Languages, etc.; and
  2. alumni having worked in their own career sectors in different fields, e.g. Professionals (e.g. Engineers, Surveyors, Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, etc.), Corporate Finance, Funds Management, Hotel Management & Tourism, Government, Business, Education, Research, Servicing, etc.

For those who are interested to attend the forum to share their experiences, please contact Tom Ho by email at [email protected].

WYKPSA Circular 15
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