On behalf of WYKPSA, I am pleased to announce and congratulate the Outstanding Students of 2016-17. They are individuals who are recognized and elected among the students of Form 5. I trust all of them have their own character, charm and talents that earn their fellow classmates’ support, respect and trust.

I wish them all the best and continue to live up, and carry as role models, with the spirit of Jesuit and Wah Yan – A Man for and with Others with Conscience, Competence, Compassion and Commitment.

Kong Wai Man, Vermon (5S)
Wong Ho Chun (5C)
Chin Ho Fai (5C)
Wong Kin Kwan (5Y)

Yours sincerely,
Raymond Chow
WYKPSA Chairman 2016-2017

PS: The above announcement is posted in WYK as well.

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