Marathon Run 2014 – Final Clinic Call

致 各位華仁一家馬拉松跑手:


為使各位能於比賽前作最後準備,基金會將於2014年2月8日(星期六,年初九)下午2時正假九龍華仁書院禮堂舉行第四次訓練課程,並將於課程前派發隊衣。請注意,由於訓練當日同時為大會派發選手包的日子,本會已向大會查詢,各位跑手可於2014年2月8日或9日早上9時30分起 至晚上7時正到維園領取選手包,毋需局限於「選手包領取通知書」上的時間前往。未領取通知書的跑手,請盡快聯絡我們,或者於2014年2月8日或2月9日直接到維園出示身份證領取。


如有查詢,請致電 6857-0687 與 馮冠恩 或 6192-8522 與 何廣雋 聯絡 。預祝各位馬年進步,萬事勝意!

華仁一家馬拉松籌委會 謹啟

Dear Runners,

The 2014 Marathon Run is at the door steps. This year we have formed a 520-runner team to take part in the 10km Run 2, the biggest-ever since we started the Campaign in 2008. Subsequently we have won the “Most Supportive Group” Award presented by the SCB Organising Committee. Thanks to your dedication and selfless support, we would not have been able to receive this honour. A sum of HK$500,000 has been raised as donations thus far. Unfortunately, we are still way off the HK$1-million fund-raising goal. This funding is extremely important for our Schools to provide continued professional training for our young Wahyanites for their physique and mental development. Therefore, we sincerely ask you to make further donations to help us achieve the goal.

Final Clinic – 8 February 2014

The final Clinic will be held on Saturday, 8 February 2014 at Wah Yan College, Kowloon at 2pm. Team tee will be distributed and group photo will be taken by then. If you would like to collect your Official Runner’s Pack from SCB, please bring your notification letter and your HKID to Victoria Park on either 8/9 February 2014 from 0930-1900hrs. If you are yet to receive the notification letter, please call us or proceed to Victoria Park to collect your Pack with your HKID at the time as mentioned above.

Race Day – 16 February 2014

We will occupy the pavilion at Gate G of Victoria Park from 0500hrs onwards on 16 February 2014 (location map attached). Our uniform team members will look after your personal belongingness. Please arrive at the pavilion before 0515hrs that day to allow sufficient time for warm up and the journey to the starting point. Remember to return to the pavilion to collect your personal belongingness and take a post-match photo together after your run.

If you need further information please call our Team Managers Alex Fung (T: 6857 0687) or Victor Ho (T: 6192 8522) for support. Happy Running and wishing you good health and a lot of joy in the Year of the Horse.

Best wishes,

Marathon Organising Committee 2014
Wah Yan One Family Foundation

地圖 Map