We are very pleased to report to you that over 150 current students and parents have enrolled in Marathon 2011 through our Schools to date. Therefore, we are calling upon you to take part in this campaign to enable more young Wahyanites to develop their potentiality in sport. We want to get 250 runners to join as a Supportive Group and raise $1 million in 2011.The next Marathon will be held on Sunday, 20th February 2011. Online enrolment will start on Thursday, 30th September 2010. Please enroll 10Km Run 3 starting at 6:55am and send your full name, school and class, race enrolled, email address, mobile no., tee size (S-XL) and your registration number through [email protected] or [email protected] on or before 11th October 2010.

Please also support our boys through donations. By becoming our Patron and Supporter, your name will be imprinted on our quality team tee for all our runners. Send us your gift with your donation form on or before 31st October 2010. Once enrolled, you will receive a team tee and be invited to attend 3 professional training sessions by Adidas.

We need you to help young Wahyanites anchor a fighting spirit in their soul.

With very best wishes,
Wah Yan One Family Marathon Team 2011

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