It is a very extraordinary chance to have both solar and lunar eclipse happened on the first and 15th day of the First Month on Chinese calendar. Unfortunately, the solar eclipse was covered by heavy cloud, but AIG would like to gather Wahyanites together at night back to our lovely home school for enjoy the lunar eclipse. It would be a penumbral eclipse (半影蝕), i.e. the Moon would enter the outer shadow of the Earth. For safety reason, please send a simple registration email to Mr. Sam Wong (’95) with the contact information and number of people. Please also kindly note in the email if any children under 16 years old included.

Date: 9th February 2009 (Monday)
Venue: WYK (roof or football field)
Assembly: 20:30 at corridor
Target: Old boys, current students and family
(Children are also welcomed with early notification)

To register: Sam Wong (’95) ([email protected] or by phone 9274-8127)
Remark: As the event is totally a four-hour long event. Late-comer and early-leaver are also welcomed. Please state in registration email.

Time Target Direction Above Horizon Remarks
20:30 Gathering N/A N/A N/A
20:38 Start of the Eclipse E 35° Moon enters penumbra
22:39 Max. Eclipse E 60° Climax
00:41 End of the Eclipse S 80° Moon exits penumbra

1. Lunar Eclipse Watching
2. Sharing on how eclipse happens and some basic star gazing tools and technique.
1. Star chart (briefing would be provided)
2. Torch with red wrapping
3. Telescopes (borrowed from WYK Astronomy Society)
4. Binoculars (borrowed from WYK Astronomy Society)


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