We are appealing to you to support our alumnus, Dr. Leung Tze Ching Vincent (梁子正) (1965), a respectable doctor, by casting a vote in favour of him. He is nominated for the ATV Hong Kong Loving Hearts Campaign 2013. As you may recall, Father Deignan has won this award 2 years ago. Dr. Leung has long been supporting our School both physically and financially, as well as other charity activities.

ATV Hong Kong Loving Hearts Campaign is a contest where the organizer will select 1 out of the 4 nominees in each series to enter into the year end final selection. The voting procedure is set forth below:

Step 1: Please register as voter first at the following website if you have not registered yet:


Step 2: Please access the following website and then click “人物推選投票” at the headline near the top of the webpage. Then select Dr. Leung:


The deadline for voting is 19 September 2013 11:59 p.m. Therefore, act fast!

Grateful if you can also help to spread out this message to all Wahyanites and your other social networks. Thanks!

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