The 2nd Homecoming Concert has been set for 6:15 p.m. Saturday, September 5, at WYK School Hall organized by WYK Past Students’ Association and co-organized by the Music Association and WYK Parents’ Association.

Our Homecoming Concert this year will also kick-start the 85th Anniversary celebration of Wah Yan College, Kowloon. Naturally, our theme for the concert will be “Our Music Throughout the Years”. How has music changed throughout the years at WYK? From hymns to incorporation of instruments and varied styles performed by old boys and current students, we revisited the sounds of the various eras in a music concert on a Saturday summer night. The performance is meaningful to current and former students because it gives former students the opportunity to share memories of their experiences with the current students and also create new memories for the current ones. It’s a concert for every Wahyanite to connect to the past while renewing friendships and building for the future.

All proceeds from the concert will be donated to Fr. Kelly Educational Fund. Proceeds from this concert will be used to support the development of the musical talent of the current WYK students. That includes certain instruments & equipments and payment for external conductors/trainers which the teachers and students have for long desired.

Taking this opportunity, we are requesting the honor of your presence at this concert. If you will sponsor this concert by making further donation, not only are you granting great endorsement on the efforts of the performing students, teachers, and alumni, you are also making the dreams of the music students and teachers possible.

P.S.  We have just been informed by the WYK administrative office that the Homecoming Concert is overwhelmingly well received by the current students.  All the regular HK20 student tickets have been sold out in school.  To facilitate your purchase of the VIP tickets and supporting the event, we have attached a Sponsorship Form for your perusal.

Sponsorship form

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