Message for English Mentors:

Thanks again for you help in the Form 1 English Mentorship Programme and I would like to make a brief note for those who cannot attend our last meeting.

There will be 3 phases for the whole programme for this academic year.
1st Phase will be held from January to March 2007
2nd Phase will be held from April to May 2007
3rd Phase will be held from July to August 2007

The 1st phase will focus on learning vocabulary and grammar.
The 2nd phase will focus on phonetics and drama.
The 3rd phase is yet to be confirmed depending on the performances of
the participants.

Thanks to Billy and Johnson who are so kind to share their materials and other wahyanites as well for their helping hand.

For those who haven’t sent me their resume, please kindly send to me so that I can send the parents’ letter with your details in due course.

The application deadline for the students for the programme is 10 January 2007 (Wednesday) and we are going to meet again on 13 January 2007 (Sat) at 2:30pm in the staff common room.

The next meeting will focus more on the delivery of the materials during lessons and please make an effort to participate.

Should you have any enquiries, feel free to contact me at 9420 9073.

Love in Christ!

Henry YUEN (’94)

English Mentorship Programme: First Meeting
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