We are very pleased to inform you that a 160-runner team has been formed to take part in the 10km Run of the Marathon 2015 Campaign. Unfortunately, the amount of donations gathered is very low (only around $100,000 was received thus far). Over the years, the revenues from this Campaign (approx. $6 million or $1 million each year) had been donated to support the continuous development of sport in the two Wah Yan.

If we fail to gather sufficient funding this year, we will not be able to support the ongoing training and coaching provided to young Wahyanites at the Schools. Their continuous development in physique and mental strength will be seriously affected. It is an urgent and important cause to be considered. Therefore, we would like to appeal to you to support this Campaign by making donations now!

In addition, the first training clinic will be held this Saturday, 22 November 2014, at 2:30pm at the Students’ Activities Centre, Wah Yan College, Kowloon. Guest speakers from adidas Hong Kong will deliver interesting tips on running and body exercises. We would like to invite you and your fellow alumni to go back to the School to see how our boys are fighting for their future.  Your presence will mean a lot to these dedicated runners because they are committed to run “For and with Others”. They need your encouragement and support.

Please distribute/share the letter enclosed with your Members to gather their support.  Should you need more information please call Monty Fong on 9092 9433. Thank you very much.

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