Organized by WYKPSA Astronomy Interest Group (AIG)

Meeting the King of Olympus and the Seven Sisters

Near the end of the year, stargazers seek for the belt of Orion and the Queen Cassiopeia. Big Bear (Ursa Major) will have already set before sunset, but it’s time for the Queen to guide you north.

Whilst Jupiter, King of Olympus, is watching from the west, seeking for the beauties of the seven nymphs in the north, you may see Venus just nearby Jupiter.

It may be too early to search for the famous Winter Triangle (Sirius, Procyon and Betegeuse), but it’s a good time to meet the infamous king staring on young girls.

Date: 8 November 2008 (Saturday)
Venue: WYK (roof or football field)
Assembly: 18:45 at corridor till 21:30
Target: Past students and family (children are also welcome)

To register: contact Mr. Stanislaus Keung [email protected] or Sam Wong (’95) [email protected]

1. Difference between planets and stars
2. Watching the Jupiter closely with a telescope
3. Finding the North pole with “the Big W”
4. Watching Seven Sisters Cluster with binoculars

1. Star chart (briefing would be provided)
2. Torch with red wrapping
3. Telescopes (borrowed from WYK Astronomy Society)
4. Binoculars (borrowed from WYK Astronomy Society)


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