Dear Wahyanites,

Cheung Chung Pan

Everyone who has a heart should be touched by the generosity of all of you who have shown great concern and love for fellow Wahyanites. Your response to our appeal to help Cheung Chung Pan has worked wonders. Chung Pan will leave for Taiwan on November 18th for a series of tests and biopsies. The first operation will be carried out on the 27th. He may have to spend Christmas in Taiwan.

Chung Pan’s mother told me this morning that his condition had worsened and he could not walk. His left foot was so bloated that he could not put on his shoe. The mother has arranged for a Rehab Bus to take Chung Pan to the airport where he will be wheelchaired to the departure gate. I believe corresponding arrangements have been made in Taiwan to transport him to the hospital.

We have received HK$648,902.69 in donation, which is more than sufficient to cover the initial medical expenses. Money is still coming in. We plan to continue supporting Chung Pan during his rehabilitation period and we shall use the surplus to set up a separate account under the Fr. Kelly Educational Fund for the relief of Wahyanites (WYHK and WYK) in need in the future.

You have given the Cheungs hope. The family is very grateful to you all. The mother breaks into tears whenever she speaks to me and she reminds me time and again to thank you. The school is thankful too. For your exemplary kindness and collaborative effort have taught our boys a good lesson in love, care and the power of unity of purpose. Deeds speak more forcefully than words.

Try to feel for Chung Pan in his shoe(s). Let us pray for his early recovery.

Best wishes,
Norman So

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