This is a wonderful opportunity to gather in Wah Yan to watch the Total Lunar Eclipse with Wah Yan fellows. We’ll go to the roof of Ricci Building, the highest point of the School, for the observation. The eclipse lasts for several hours, and the estimated schedule is as follows:

Total eclipse of the Moon on 31 January 2018:

State Time Date
Moon enters penumbra 18:51 Jan 31
Moon enters umbra 19:48 Jan 31
Total eclipse begins 20:51 Jan 31
Maximum eclipse 21:29 Jan 31
Total eclipse ends 22:07 Jan 31
Moon leaves umbra 23:11 Jan 31
Moon leaves penumbra 0:08 Feb 01

It would be our honour to invite you and your family to join the event.

We will gather at 20:00 (main corridor) and dismiss at 22:30. We will provide a astronomical telescope and a binocular for observation. You are welcome to bring along with your own camera or telescope as well.

If you are interested to join, please send us ([email protected]) your name, graduation year and number of participants (esp. children) for confirmation and arrangement.

Thank you.

Stanislaus Keung (’75)
Sam Wong (’95)
Astronomy Interest Group

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