Missed the total lunar eclipse last January? There is another chance to watch such a wonderful astronomical event this summer. We’ll go to the roof of Ricci Building, the highest point of the School, for the observation. The eclipse lasts for several hours, and the estimated schedule is as follows:

Total eclipse of the Moon on July 28

State Time Date
Moon enters penumbra 01:14 July 28
Moon enters umbra 02:24 July 28
Total eclipse begins 03:30 July 28
Maximum eclipse 04:21 July 28
Total eclipse ends 05:13 July 28
Moon leaves umbra 06:19 July 28
Moon leaves penumbra 07:28 July 28
* Moonset at 06:00

Besides, Mars is at its opposition and closest to Earth since 2003. The planet would be just next to the Moon during the total lunar eclipse. It is therefore in its best position for observation.

We’ll first station in one of the classrooms where there’ll be a short introductory talk on the astronomical events.

It would be our honour to invite you and your family to join the event.

We will gather at 23:00, July 27 (main corridor) and dismiss at 05:30, July 28.

If you are interested to join, please send us ([email protected]) your name, class and number of participants (esp. children) for confirmation and arrangement.

Though there are railings on the roof, PSA could not take responsibility on the safety of your children. Please take special care of your own children if you’re going to bring them with you to enjoy the night.

Thank you.

S. Keung (’75)
Sam Wong (’95)
Astronomy Interest Group

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