More than 800 visitors to the WYK Chinese painting exhibition at the City Hall last weekend were amazed by the sophistication of the paintings created by WYK Form One and Form Two students back in the late 1960’s, as they vividly demonstrate the innovative teaching method championed by our former art teacher, Mr Laurence Tam.

Hearty kudos came from art teachers in secondary schools, many of whom also attended a seminar during which Mr Tam shared his experiences, as well as celebrities in the art circles. In the words of Mr Tang Hoi-chiu, Chief Curator of Hong Kong Museum of Art:

I can’t imagine these are just experimental work of a group of teenage students 40 years ago. They are every bit as good as the Chinese ink paintings we see today, on both creativity and painting skills.”

The exhibition also became an occasion for gathering of WYK past students and teachers. Making appearance at the City Hall Gallery were once-familiar faces in Hong Kong, from the mainland (Beijing, Guangzhou) and overseas (the U.S., Canada). Fathers and teachers present on the occasion include Rev. Deignan, Mr Norman So, Mr Wong Chin Wah, Mr Yu Poon Leung, Mr Chiu Hai Kaw and Mr Leung Kin Ping.

There are plans for extending the exhibition to reach art teachers in the mainland as well as Chinese painting enthusiasts in overseas countries. We will keep you informed of the latest development.

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