After the last lunar eclipse watching, we’re glad to announce that a partial solar eclipse can be seen in the morning of 22nd July this year. This is a total eclipse that can be seen in Shanghai and some other major Chinese cities, but not Hong Kong. However, it would be the greatest solar eclipse can be seen in Hong Kong for the next decade. 70% area of the sun would be in the shadow of the moon, and the sky would be dimmed that morning during the

Astronomy Interest Group (AIG) would like to call for a gathering to watch this amazing event. Don’t miss this chance, or you planned to see it somewhere else. It would be great that Wahyanites can come together to share this joyful creation by God.

This is especially great for family with little children, as solar eclipse is a very extraordinary astronomy phenomenon for a little place like Hong Kong. No travel to icy polar area, no need to buy expensive ticket to see it in the middle of a ocean on a cruise liner, just come back home to our lovely campus and share with your beloved family.

For those who are interested, please feel free to contact us by email or phone given below.

Date: 22 July 2009
Venue: WYK (rooftop of main building, to be confirmed)
Assembly: 08:15 at the Corridor

Target: Old boys, current students and families
(Children are also welcomed with early notification)
To register: Sam Wong (’95) ([email protected] or by phone 9274-8127)
Remark: As the event is totally a four-hour long event. Late-comer and early-leaver are also welcomed. Please state in registration email.


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