The Joint Birthday Party for Fr. Coghlan and Fr. Naylor was held at the Empire Hotel, Wanchai, on 26th October. We are honoured for the attendance of Fr Deignan, the Principals of the two Wah Yan, Mr. Norman So and Mr. George Tam, Ex-Wah Yan Teacher, Mr. Leung Kin-ping and many of the old boys from the two Wah Yan. It also attracted more than 80 persons to show up. Following a brief cocktail started at 7:00pm, the dinner commenced by the welcoming speech of the two charimen of the PSAs, followed by the kind words of the two Fathers. It was an enjoyable event treasured by those attending. We would like to thank Mr Billy Wong for organizing this wonderful event for all of us. Hope to see you all again next year.


8th Wah Yan League Cup: Football Tournament
Requiem Mass: Rev Fr Donal Taylor, S.J.