Cheung Chung Pan’s surgery on Friday was very successful. Fr. Stephen Chow and Mr. Norman So told us this good news from their open letters.

Dear all,

Thanks to your support and prayers. I just heard from Fr. Stephen Chow that Chung Pan underwent a very successful surgery this morning and the doctors were satisfied with the outcome. We are given to understand that the tissues in his leg are functioning well and a total recovery (apart from the toes removed to minimize the probability of a relapse) is expected. Let us keep praying for him and his mother, who is, I am certain, both relieved and exhausted after so many days of anxiety and busy shuttling between places.

I should be most grateful if you would let people know the good news and ask them to thank God for His mercy. Best wishes,

Norman So


Dear All,

Thanks for Mr. So to pass on the news. I would like to point out that even the doctors who operated on Chung Pan see this is a miracle. The operation was scheduled for 12 hours or more. Chung Pan is the second most serious case in the history of the hospital. No major operation was scheduled for the entire day so that doctors of 15 departments could standby. But the operation was declared successful shortly after 6 hours. God has worked wonder! Mrs. Cheung would like to thank all those who have prayed for Chung Pan. I would also like to thank all of you wholeheartedly for your support and prayers throughout this time. Recovery is going to be long and risky for Chung Pan. Please keep up your support and prayers. Chung Pan will have to learn to function without his toes, which were seriously infected.

Fr. Chow

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