The School has circulated a position paper with the title: “The meaning of the ‘Fighting Spirit’ and ‘Competitiveness’ at Wah Yan”, which has been prepared by Father Chow and the principals of two Wah Yans. It highlights the spirit of Magis in Jesuit Education and it has been discussed at the Jesuit Education Board and endorsed by the School Management Committees of the two Wah Yans.

The School hopes all Wah Yan students bear the spirit of Magis. They develop their potential and are ready for challenges. They feel grateful when they win, they never give up when they lose. The School helps the students to form the habit of reflection, as there is no growth without reflection. The School guides them to have focus so that they can excel.

Attached please find the position paper for your reference.

The Meaning of ‘Fighting Spirit’ and ‘Competitiveness’ at Wah Yan

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