Sharing Session on S.1 Admission


Due to the campus closure, and in an effort to prevent spreading the novel coronavirus in the community, this year’s Sharing Session on S.1 Admission organized by WYKPSA has been cancelled. We investigated the feasibility of having an online talk but in vain due to some technical and security issues.
At the mean time, we are going to share an information kit “Interview Dos and Don’ts” available to our alumni parents whose sons have applied for admission to S.1.

Should you wish to receive the kit, please email your:

(1) full name,
(2) year of F.5 graduation and
(3) mobile number

to on or before 26 March 2020. We will contact you in due course.


Cancellation of the Anniversaries Gala Dinner of 30 Jan 2020

– Standing together against the novel coronavirus –

The situation regarding the novel coronavirus (“Wuhan coronavirus”) outbreak in the mainland of China is deteriorating rapidly and Hong Kong has been stepping up measures to contain the spread. The Schools and the Gala Dinner Organizing Committee (OC) have been monitoring the situation closely, conducting negotiations with the HKCEC and discerning the best way forward in the face of this quickly evolving and challenging situation. The large part of the production costs has been incurred because of preparations already done before the Chinese New Year and cannot be salvaged. The HKCEC has also ordered the food and made other preparations. Based on the contract, we are liable to the full dinner cost regardless of whether we go ahead with or cancel the dinner. However, this morning the OC managed to secure from the HKCEC a special deal that if we cancel the event today, we have to forfeit only the deposit paid so we can save about $1.7M not yet paid. The option of postponement is not on the table. In summary, a large amount has been incurred if we cancel the event, but the loss is not total.

After careful deliberation, including a reflection on how we should celebrate our anniversaries in a meaningful way – the way true to our spirit of being “men for and with others” in response to the signs of the time – we have decided to cancel the event on 30 Jan 2020. At this critical juncture in Hong Kong’s fight against the coronavirus, we do not want to overburden our medical profession by inadvertently increasing the risk of a community outbreak in Hong Kong.

In terms of refund, given the situation of financial tightening which our alma maters are already facing, we can only commit to a prorated amount after honoring all financial obligations with fees collected. Details of the refund will be made available to participants after all numbers are finalized. When circumstances permit, we shall consider some form of a gathering among alumni (such as a pun choi “盆菜” meal) that is feasible under the various constraints.

We ask for your understanding and support of this extremely difficult decision which takes into account a host of factors, including the values we want to live out as Wahyanites.

Stay healthy, and God bless.

Dr. YL So,
Assistant Supervisor, WYHK and Co-chair of Anniversary Steering Committee
Mr. Warren Chung,
Principal, WYK and Co-chair of Anniversary Steering Committee
Willie Cheng
Executive Chairman of Gala Dinner OC


Wah Yan Transcending 100 Anniversary Musical Drama – LEGACY

Dear Brothers and Coordinators,

Years and decades after graduating from Wah Yan, to where has life taken you?

In this 95th and 100th anniversary year, your alma mater is pleased to bring you back home for a show which takes you back in time to the heady days of your youth.

Featuring original compositions and talented performers, the Wah Yan Transcending 100 Anniversary Musical Drama, Legacy, is a joint venture between current and past students of both Wah Yans in the quest for exploring the overarching theme of Men for and with Others – the legacy of Jesuit education, where mission and traditions ma collide.

What makes you a Wahyanite – especially after all these years as you left home and spread your wings in your different professional pursuits? For an evening, or an afternoon, I cordially invite you to sit back, enjoy the show, and embrace the theme that might also be pertinent to the moment.

Feeling nostalgic already? Grab your tickets now!
a) 17 Jan 2020 (Fri) 7:30 p.m.
b) 18 Jan 2020 (Sat) 2:30 p.m.
c) 18 Jan 2020 (Sat) 7:30 p.m.

Venue: School Hall, Wah Yan College, Hong Kong

Guest appearances (each at selected shows):
Fr. Chow S.J., Fr. Tsui S.J., Mr. Warren Chung, Dr. Davis Chan, Dr. YL So, representatives of PSA, PTA, etc.

For booking details, please refer to the attached form or visit .

With best wishes,
Warren Chnug (WYK 79)
Co-producer, Wah Yan Anniversary Musical Drama

PDF version: Invitation & Ticket Order Form to Anniversary Musical Drama


Wah Yan Transcending 100 Centenary Scarf

The Centenary Scarf, designed by students and alumni from two Wah Yans, show the unity, brotherhood and the way forward by transcending the time as one family.

Made of nylon-wool mix, the full-sized art piece is a must-have for every Wahyanite. The Centenary Scarf is now available at HK$250. Order now as only limited stock is available.

Order can be picked up at both WYK and WYHK in late November 2019. Proceeds from sales will be dispersed to support the continued development of the two Wah Yan Colleges.

Dimension: 162.5 cm x 25.5cm
Material: Nylon-wool mix

** Delivery methods **
– Pick up at school at $0 Shipping Fee
– Local delivery (Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and N.T. only) at $50 Shipping Fee
– For delivery, please expect shipment will be arranged after Dec 2019.

Order URL:


Wah Yan Transcending 100 Pocket Square is now on sale!

With a view to celebrating Wah Yan Transcending 100th Anniversary, WYHKPSA and WYKPSA are delighted to present the one and only signature Pocket Square in collaboration with Ascot Chang.

Material: 100% silk
Size: 33cm x 33cm
Early Bird: $550 (Order before 1st December 2019)
Original Price: $650

** 送貨方法 **
– Pocket Square 專用 Pick up at school for $0
– Pocket Square 專用 本地送貨 for $50 (Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and N.T. only)

Order URL:


Wine O’clock

Catch the “Magic Hour” to meet some friends, old and new.

Date: 28 Aug 2019 (Wed)
Time: 18:30~21:00
Venue: The Code, 17/F The L. Place, 139 Queen’s Road Central.
Fee: Cash bar

Jointly organised by:
Maryknoll Convent School Former Students’ Association (MCSFSA)
MSS Alumnae Association (MSSAA)
Wah Yan (Hong Kong) Past Students Association (WYHKPSA)
Wah Yan College, Kowloon Past Students’ Association (WYKPSA)





相信各位都知道華仁「穿越百年 同步立新」晚宴將於12月1號假香港會議展覽中心舉行,是次活動由周神父,蘇校長和鍾校長領導的籌委會連同一眾兩華師兄弟舉辦,相信活動必定在華仁史上有一個重要位置!






期盼得到大家大力支持,請聯絡Collin Wong 5190-2495 (WYHK 02) 或 Vincent Li (WYK 96) 9477-4792 令華仁「穿越百年 同步立新」晚宴成為校慶矚目盛事!

華仁「穿越百年 同步立新」晚宴籌委會籌款小組


1. 蘇英麟校長 Dr. SO Ying Lun (WYHK 77)
2. 鄧國康先生 Mr. Peter TANG (WYHK 78), WYHKPSA President
3. 吳惠國先生 Mr. WU Wai Kwok (WYHK 78)
4. 鄭偉雄先生 Mr. Willie CHENG (WYHK 80), WYHKPSA Vice-President & Gala Dinner OC Executive Chairman
5. 鄭志堅醫生 Dr. Ashley CHENG (WYHK 80), WYHKPSA Honorary Secretary
6. 羅星華先生 Mr. Sam LAW (WYHK 80)
7. 郭淳浩先生 Mr. Chester KWOK (WYHK 80)
8. 林偉僑先生 Mr. Victor LAM (WYHK 80)
9. 鍾錫華先生 Mr. Eric CHUNG (WYHK 80)
10. 徐偉雄先生 Mr. Bernard TSUI (WYHK 80)
11. 蔡明暉先生 Mr. Ryan CHOY (WYHK 80)
12. 余少陽先生 Mr. Peter YU (WYHK 80)
13. 劉成達先生 Mr. Eddie LAU (WYHK 80)
14. 曾錦棠先生 Mr. Richard TSANG (WYK 80)
15. 唐大威先生 Mr. Raphael TONG (WYHK 81)
16. 曾浩輝醫生 Dr. Thomas TSANG (WYHK 83), WYHKPSA Past President
17. 譚子傑先生 Mr. TAM Tse Kit Dominic (WYHK 83)
18. Class of WYK 83
19. 譚匯聞先生 Mr. Garrie Wai Man TAM (WYK 86)
20. 余鑑洪先生 Mr. Leo YU (WYHK 91)
21. 徐子軒先生 Mr. Brian TSUI (WYHK 92), WYHKPSA Chairman & Gala Dinner OC Co-Chairman
22. 何煒基先生 Mr. Ricky HO (WYHK 92)
23. 冼柏昌 Mr. Philip SIN (WYHK 92)
24. 何浩東先生 Mr. Armen HO (WYHK 93), WYHKPSA Vice-Chairman & Gala Dinner OC Treasurer
25. 劉嘉輝 Mr. Billy LAU (WYHK 93)
26. 林思煒先生 Mr. Stephen LAM (WYK 96), WYKPSA Chairman
27. 許卓傑先生 Mr. Frederick HUI (WYK 96), WYKPSA Vice-Chairman
28. 劉富強先生 Mr. Edward LAU (WYHK 96)
29. 陳健豪先生 Mr. Aaron CHAN (WYHK 99)
30. 蘇子聰先生 Mr. SO Chi Chung (WYHK 00)
31. 何存曦先生 Mr. Noriel HO (WYHK 00)
32. 李浩然先生 Mr. Derek LEE (WYHK 01)


Wah Yan International Reunion 2019

Friday, 29th  November – Sunday, 1st December 2019

REGISTER NOW! (click the link below)


Registration and Payment Procedures

From 10 June 2019 to 9 July 2019 – only registration from overseas Wahyanites will be processed and accepted on “first registered and paid, first served basis”.

After 9 July 2019 – registration from both local and overseas Wahyanites will be processed and accepted on “first registered and paid, first served basis”.


Words from the Chairman

Dear Brothers,

The AGM of WYKPSA took place last night (25 May 2019). It is my greatest pleasure to be elected as the Chairman of PSA and to serve our alma mater and alumni. All Exco candidates have been elected smoothly. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our Office Bearers of this term:

Chairman: Stephen Lam (96)
Vice Chairman: Chris Chan (96), Vincent Li (96), Frederick Hui (96)
Honorary Secretary: YK Yiu (96)
Treasurer: Paul Chan (07)

We are in the course of dealing with transition of terms. We will pick up all aspects of PSA as efficiently as we could.

As promised, I will try by best to reunite brotherhood and make our WYKPSA great again!

If you have any constructive comments, please feel free to share with me.

In Hoc Signo Vinces!

Sincerely Yours,
Stephen Lam


The List of Executive Committee Candidates, 2019-2020

The 49th Annual General Meeting of WYKPSA will be held on 25 May 2019 (Saturday). Members of the Executive Committee of the Association for the session 2019-2020 will be elected. The candidate list is as follows:

Name Year of Graduation
1. Fong Wing Hong Monty 1983
2. Ho Yiu Cheung Gareth 1984
3. Chan Yiu Pun Jimmy 1984
4. Wai Ming Tong Matthew 1992
5. Liu Wai Kwan Eric 1992
6. Wai Yiu Tong Gabriel 1994
7. Hui Cheuk Kit Frederick 1996
8. Chan Yung Fei Chris 1996
9. Lam Sze Wai Stephen 1996
10. Li Chun Wai Vincent 1996
11. Ip Sing Yang Sheldon 1996
12. Yiu Yun Kwan 1996
13. Cheng Sing Derrick 1996
14. Cheung Yin Cheong Stanley 1997
15. Cheung Chuen Yih Amos 1997
16. Law Wai Kei Ernest 1997
17. Wong Kai Yu Anthony 1997
18. Wong Tsz Kin Michael 2000
19. Yip Chung Ki Javier 2001
20. Tong Pak Kin Simon 2001
21. Chan Chun Man Vincent 2002
22. Wing Chung 2003
23. Chan Pak Woon 2003
24. Chan Ka Kit Chris 2003
25. Li Siu Cheong Raymond 2004
26. Poon Cheuk Pun Benny 2004
27. Yeung Wan Yui Curtis 2005
28. Shieu Tsz Wang Karl 2006
29. Chan Chi Kan Paul 2007
30. Leung Ho Wai 2008
31. Wong Hon Ting Barry 2008
32. Cheung Man Tik 2012
33. Lee Long Ting Jeffrey 2013
34. Yung Ka Chung 2013
35. Cheung Man Ki Keith 2014
36. Ng Pak Long Brian 2014
37. Tai Yik Shing 2014
38. Tang Chi Ho 2014


49th Annual General Meeting & Annual Dinner

The 49th Annual General Meeting (AGM) & Annual Dinner of WYKPSA will be held on 25 May 2019 (Saturday) and the details are as follows:

Date: 25 May 2019 (Saturday)

Time: 6:30 p.m. (AGM) / 8:00 p.m. (Annual Dinner)

Venue: School Hall, Wah Yan College, Kowloon

Address: 56 Waterloo Road, Kowloon 九龍窩打老道56號

Attached please find (i) the Notice of Annual General Meeting, (ii) the Reply Slip and (iii) the Executive Committee Member Nomination Form for your further action.

Please mark your diary and we look forward to seeing you there!

The annual report and the financial statements of WYKPSA will be available on the website of WYKPSA at in due course.

Notice of AGM | Reply slip | Nomination form


WYK Annual Concert 2019 – 魂

WYK Annual Concert 2019 organized by Music Association, Wah Yan College, Kowloon, will be held as detail below:

Date: 1 May 2019 (Wednesday)
Time: 19:00
Venue: Jockey Club Auditorium of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Tickets: $250 / $120 / $80*
(*full-time students, seniors and the disabled receive 50% discount for HK$80-tickets)

Ticket ordering and sponsorship form is available here.

The net proceeds of the Annual Concert will be dedicated to the development of all extra-curricular activities. For enquiries, please contact Music Association Facebook page or Instagram.

Cover letter | Ticket ordering and sponsorship form
Facebook event