RE: Appeal for donation to Henry Yuen Family

Dear Wahyanites,

As you may notice that our admirable teacher Henry Yuen (also an alumnus of WYK 94) had passed away several months ago. As his family had spent significant amount during his battle of cancer, we, a group of WYK alumni of Class-94, would like to appeal for donation to support his family. His wife, who was also an ex-teacher at WYK, is raising her son in primary school with limited financial resources. They are planning to relocate to the UK this summer, according to Henry’s wishes.

“Men for and with others” was something every Wahyanite strives for. It is definitely not an overstatement to say that Henry is the perfect role model. Everyone who knows Henry would tell you that he has determined to provide, give and supply abundantly and generously, and yet, he has demanded nothing in return, throughout his short but meaningful journey on earth.

As his wife wrote, “Henry was constantly looking for opportunities to serve and help around. Whenever he was given a chance to serve, he would come back home, beaming with joy, and enthusiastically tell me all about his “accomplishments”. Whether it was through collaborating with charities to help the elderly or children with learning difficulties, or merely helping his friends in any way they needed.”

We will forever be remembered for Henry’s godliness, perseverance and love. More importantly, your donation to support his family would make a difference and to allow his legacy to live on!

Please send designated donation to NORMAN SO WYK DEVELOPMENT FUND LTD (“Norman So Fund”). The contribution in full will be transferred to Henry’s family. The Norman So Fund is a recognized charitable organization in Hong Kong with s.88 status under the Inland Revenue Ordinance. Donation in excess of $100 is deductible for tax purposes and the Norman So Fund will issue a receipt in that regard.

Yours Sincerely,
Cedric Ko (WYK Class-94)


You may send a hard copy of this form to WYK at the captioned address, or send a soft copy to
WYKPSA at [email protected].