WOSS! Pamphlet for F.5 to F.7 Leavers

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WOSS! OSCs Announced

The list of Oversea Study Coordinators in each chapter and Oversea Study Councilors of the two Wah Yan Colleges is now available. Wahyanites intending to study abroad can contact the respective OSCs for search of college/university and related study matters.

Note: Wahyanites intending to study oversea can contact the respective OSC directly cc. the Oversea Study Councilor of their school stating the followings:
- Chinese & English name
- Year of graduation at F5, Kowloon or HK
- College / University
- Curriculum
- Location: City / Country
- Email address

Oversea Study Coordinator    
US Eastern Chapter Simon Lo HK-1975 [email protected]
Michigan Chapter Arthur Chan HK-2000 [email protected]
San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Edwin Law HK-1975 [email protected]
Seattle Chapter Jot Yau HK-1975 [email protected]
Southern CA Chapter James Tong
Gavin Lam HK-1975
[email protected]
[email protected]
Edmonton Chapter Vincent Lee K-1993 [email protected]
WYKAAO (Ontario) Alan Leong [email protected]
UK Chapter Matthew Fong
Nelson Ng
[email protected]
[email protected]
Sydney Chapter Rocky Kwong [email protected]
Oversea Study Councilor    
WYKPSA Alan Li K-1993 [email protected]
WYHKPSA CO Fung HK-1974 [email protected]


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