Up to 30 September 2010, the Election Committee has only received one registration form for election, which was submitted by Mr. Yu Chun Sing Sam (1983). According to the election arrangement for alumni manager adopted during the Annual General Meeting of WYK Past Students’ Association held on 29 May 2010, in the event that there is only one candidate for the alumni manager, that candidate will be automatically elected as the alumni manager. In this regard, we are pleased to announce that Mr. Yu Chun Sing Sam has been elected as the alumni manager with the term commencing from 1 November 2010.

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截至2010年9月30日,本委員會只收到一份參選表格。該參選表格乃由余振聲先生 (1983) 提交。根據九龍華仁書院舊生會於2010年5月29日的週年大會上所採納的校友校董選舉制度,若只有一名參選人,該參選人將自動當選為校友校董。有見及此,本委員會欣然宣佈,余振聲先生當選來屆之校友校董,任期由2010年11月1日開始。


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