Establishment of New Interest Group – “喜樂人生” 同學會

One of our alumni, Mr. Billy Leung (1978 F.7 graduation), wish to form an interest group:


  • 喜:「戲」– 電影
  • 樂:「遊樂」– 旅遊
  • 人:「仁義」– 義工服務
  • 生:「初生」,「養生」

The purpose of this 〔喜樂人生〕同學會 is to share among the group members their experience on aspects of 電影, 旅遊, 義工服務, Parenting and 養生. Regular sharing sessions (quarterly) will be organised to share among group members on their recent encounter.

If you are interested in joining the interest group, please send an email to