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This platform is established by the Student Members’ Committee to facilitate current WYK students to locate alumni tutors for tutorial classes.

If you are a tutor graduated from WYK and would like to post your contact and background information on this platform, please register here.

Lee Chi Keung, Stephen (1981)

HKCEE result: 6A 1B 2C
HKALE result: 1B 2C 2D
Undergraduate: BEng (Hons) in Electronic Enginnering
(HK Poly U)
Postgraduate: Msc in IT (to be obtained)
(HK Open U)

Preferred tutoring subject(s): F.1-6English, Liberal Studies
Preferred tutoring location(s): Kowloon

Phone number: 9092 5101

E-mail address:

Other related information:
Have taught in night school, IVE, tutoring centres and as private tutors.


Kelvin Ho 何澤邦 (2002)

HKCEE result: Math/ A. Maths (A)
HKALE result: Pure Maths (A) / Applied Maths (B)
Undergraduate: Maths

Preferred tutoring subject(s): F1-F6 Maths
Preferred tutoring location(s):

E-mail address:


T.B. Tang (1967)

Postgraduate:  Ph.D. from Cambridge University (Cavendish Laboratory), in 1979

Preferred tutoring subject(s):  Physics, pre-university level; English, senior forms

E-mail address:

Other related information:
I was a professor of physics in a local university but have just retired; I am keen to mentor aspiring students who have made the rare decision to pursue a career in physics or astronomy.

Additionally, I wish to help, in a small way, bringing up the level of English proficiency in Hong Kong.  For almost 20 years I studied then worked in the U.K. I have quite forgotten how to take exams but did obtain the grade 8.0 in IELTS last year. With more experience in the way HK students now learn English, I may write a book!


Bill Lau (2005)

Undergraduate: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechatronic Engineering (HK City U)
Postgraduate: Master of Science in Electronic and Information Engineering (HK City U)

Preferred tutoring subject(s): F.3-6 Physic; F.3-4 Chem, Bio; F.1-4 Maths
Preferred tutoring location(s): MTR route

Phone number: 852-97529829

E-mail address:

Other related information:
Research Associate at City University of Hong Kong


Yu Zuo Hang 虞祚恒 (2008)

HKCEE result: 23
HKALE result: Chemistry: B

Physics: C


Chinese: C

Undergraduate: Chemistry Year 3 (CUHK)

Preferred tutoring subject(s): F.4 -F.6 Chemistry
Preferred tutoring location(s):  WYK / The Chinese University of Hong Kong / At home

Phone number: 67517850

E-mail address:


Wong Chi Yat 黃志逸 (2010)

HKCEE result:
Chinese Language            (3)
English Language         (4)
Additional Mathematics  (A)
Biology                           (A)
Chemistry                          (B)
Economics                     (B)
Geography                        (B)
Mathematics                 (A)
Physics                              (B)HKALE result:
Chinese Language and Culture   (D)
Use of English                                (D)
Chemistry                                       (C)
Physics                                            (D)
Pure Mathematics                        (C)Undergraduate: HKUST BBA (year 1)

Preferred tutoring subject(s):
F.1-F.3 Mathematics
F.4-6  Mathematics (M1)
F.4-6  Mathematics (M2)
F.3-6  Chemistry
F.3-6  Physics

Preferred tutoring location(s): Yau Tsim Mong District, or any locations near MTR stations

Phone number:    63010259

E-mail address:

Chan Hon Ping, Keith (1983)

HKCEE result:6A 2B 1C

HKALE result:3A 1B 1C

Undergraduate: BEng in Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Preferred tutoring subject(s) (e.g. F.4-5 Chemistry):

Mathematics, Economics

Phone number:9100 9843


Other related information:

I worked in the IT and financial industries for about 20 years. I enjoy Maths subject and the application of Maths since I was in WYK. Now I am teaching economics and finance for degree courses during the day. I wish to help students enjoy the learning of Maths and Economics.

Exemption Clause:

Wah Yan College Kowloon Past Students’ Association Limited (hereinafter referred to as the “WYKPSA”) is not the agent of the tutors. WYKPSA does not take any responsibility for any disputes arising from the tutor-tutee relationship. Nor does the WYKPSA guarantee the quality of the tutors. Tutees shall make their own judgments as to the quality and suitability of the tutors.